6 Major Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

6 Major Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

There are a few main signs that can help you understand whether you are suffering from pancreatic cancer or not. Sometimes the patient does not know that he is having problems and goes to the doctor when he feels he cannot do without professional assistance.

The advanced stages of cancer are difficult to treat. If you suspect that something is wrong with you, you must consult a specialist.

1. Jaundice

People suffering from jaundice have yellow eyes and skin. It is one of the symptoms typical of those who have pancreatic cancer. Jaundice develops when the levels of bilirubin in the body are too high. It can also happen if the bile duct is blocked. Jaundice might not cause any physical discomfort. However, one should consult the doctor if jaundice occurs. Jaundice might be a sign of a different health problem. To find out the real reason you should take a special test.

2. Abdominal pain

Patients who have pancreatic cancer typically suffer from abdominal pain. More than 80% of patients describe the pain as dull. The ache or pain is felt in the upper or back part of the stomach. That’s where tumors usually form. The pain can also be felt all around the body and even the back. As a rule, abdominal pain occurs at night. It can progress and become mild, severe or moderate. Sometimes it intensifies and may last for weeks or months. Ask your doctor to examine your abdominal area and see whether you have any kind of tumors or not.

6 Major Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer Abdominal pain

3. Rapid Weight Loss

If your weight keeps melting without too much effort, it might be a sign of pancreatic cancer. In most cases patients cannot explain why their lose weight and why the loss is so rapid. If an individual is experiencing severe weight loss it’s a good reason to see an expert and take tests. Weight loss might be accompanied by malaise or, in other words, a general feeling of being unwell.

4. Bloating

The digestive tract and abdomen of those suffering from pancreatic cancer may be sensitive. Patients claim they have inflammation and develop gas right after a meal. Also, such individuals say that they have a diminished appetite. They usually feel full after eating even a small amount of food. Finally, people who have pancreatic cancer have indigestion or heartburn.

6 Major Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer Bloating

5. Loss of Appetite

Many health conditions may be accompanied by appetite loss. This includes pancreatic cancer as well. One needs to see a professional to find out what causes the loss of appetite. It can be a stomach virus or a more serious issue like growing tumor. An accurate diagnosis can be done only by a doctor. Appetite loss may also mean that you have problems with the thyroid gland. Damaged liver and kidneys can also be the reason why you do not feel like eating. It is very common that pregnancy be accompanied by appetite loss.

6 Major Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer Loss of Appetite

6. Abdominal Discomfort

Abdominal discomfort can occur in waves. Sensations are different when the patient goes from sitting to standing position. You can also feel some sort of pain while lying down. If you feel this might be linked to pancreatic tumor, see your doctor. It’s very common for abdominal discomfort to move from the upper abdomen to the back. Usually specialists who suspect that their patients have a pancreatic cancer tumor use the epicenter of the pain. The location is used as a clue to detect the exact place and cause.

6 Major Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer Abdominal Discomfort